HSC Cousins Application
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Tanya Mustin
Coordinator, Multicultural Student Services
(405) 271-2416
tanya [hyphen] mustin [at] ouhsc [dot] edu

Established in January 2003, HSC Cousins provides understanding, friendship and unity among American and International/Exchange students on the HSC campus. The program provides numerous venues for social interaction and opportunities for cultural exploration. Active participation in HSC Cousins includes: attending the official Cousins activities (approximately 3 are held each semester); spending informal time with your HSC Cousin (for example: meeting your cousin for lunch or a meal, taking a study break together, doing something social together, etc.); maintaining communication with your Cousin via phone and/or e-mail; sharing traditions of your culture; and being committed to participate once you are matched. You and your Cousin determine your level of interaction – be creative and have fun with this program!

Apply to be a HSC Cousin

HSC Cousins was created to develop understanding, friendship and unity among U.S. and International/Exchange students on the HSC Campus. All participants must be currently enrolled OUHSC Students.

Apply to be a Host Family

HSC Host Family is not responsible or obligated to provide housing and financial support to the student. A Host Family is comprised of a number of HSC’s faculty and staff who has agreed to spend time with a HSC International student.

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