The first step in applying to live in University Village is to fill out a Housing Application and pay the $40.00 Application Fee.  The fee is non-refundable. You can complete the Housing Application by clicking this button:

 Application Fee

Securely pay UVA Application Fee (USD) online by clicking the button.

If you would like to download the Housing Application, fill it out and return it in person to the University Village Office, by clicking on this button:

Download Apartment Application

Waiting List

Once the University Village Office has your Housing Application and Fee, you will be placed on the Waiting List.  As fully vacant apartments come available, the next person on the Waiting List will be offered the opportunity to lease.  The Waiting List is ordered by the date your Housing Application and Fee arrive in the University Village Office. 

Roommate List

Another option on the Housing Application is to request to be placed on the Roommate List.  The Roommate List is used by current residents to select a roommate.  For example, you may be replacing a resident that just moved out or you could be asked by someone new moving in who needs a roommate. 

When is the earliest I can apply?

There is no limitation on how early you can apply.  Many people apply a year or two in advance of when they need to move in.  You do not need to be admitted to the University before you apply.  You will need to be admitted or hired by the University before you able to sign a lease and move in.